Whether you're looking for a home renovation or a style renovation, Nashville's lifestyle sector is in a league of its own. 

Featured Partners


1115 DONELSON AVE. | 615.657.9494 |                                                                                

A group of creatives specializing in woodworking and interior design and build services using reclaimed wood from historic Nashville homes.


Oil & Lumber

2100 DUNN AVE. | 801.814.8375 |

Lifestyle apparel and goods focusing on quality materials, thoughtful design and love for people.

Oil & Lumber.jpg

Hunker Bag Co.

615.930.1125 |

Founded out of a desire to provide people with functional yet trendy travel bags.  Hunker Bag Co. supplies and exclusive range of handcrafted leather and waxed canvas bags.


Victory Tattoo

4808 CHARLOTTE AVE. | 615.678.6803 |                       

Nashville's premier tattoo shop, specializing in expert tattooing of all styles.




Velour Premier Events

100 Taylor St. STE A18 | 615.258.5545 | 

Velour Premier Events was founded on the belief that an event, no matter how large or small, signifies a major historical milestone and deserves the utmost attention to detail.  So go ahead and dream away fellow Visionistas, and entrust our Visioneer team to handle every aspect of the design, planning and execution of your event.