Beyond the Apron - Brody Kimbro

Each month, we’ll chat with one of Nashville’s chefs about what life is like beyond the apron.      


Brody Kimbro @cookinoutdoors

Chef De Cuisine, Fort Louise

Live: Old Hickory / Work: East Nashville


A family man, who's love for the culinary arts is rooted in childhood memories of food, family and fellowship.  Brody Kimbro, Fort Louise's Chef De Cuisine, is bringing a new spin to the East Nashville food scene.  Stop by  and try his favorite menu item, Local Pan Seared Trout, and stay to enjoy the summer evenings on the patio. 

Where do you dine when the apron is off? 

I have young children, so I don’t go out to eat much. On the rare occasion I can find a babysitter brave enough to watch them, I really love Eastland Café. Chef Paul is great and it’s where I really started to take my culinary career seriously. 

Go to spot for drinks?

Honestly, My front porch. I’m not a heavy drinker, but I love sitting on my porch swing and trying out new beers from the growing collection of breweries in Nashville. I recently got turned onto Honky Tonk Brewery and have really been digging their Country Style New England IPA.    

What inspired you to become a chef?

Growing up, the only time we could get my entire family together was with the promise of a free meal. So, the majority of my positive childhood memories are food related. Whether it was in my Uncle’s backyard around the grill, around a campfire, or helping out in our garden I always wanted to be part of creating the meal that brought my family so much joy.

Advice you would you give aspiring chefs?

Don’t give up. When you feel like you might, find a way to hit the reset button and recharge yourself. When I feel a breakdown coming on I go hiking, fishing, and camping with my wife and kids. I always come back feeling inspired and ready to handle whatever obstacle was getting in the way.  

What brought you to Nashville?

I am actually from here. I was born in Knoxville and my parents moved to Sumner County before I was one. I’ve moved around a little, but I’ve been in Middle Tennessee most of my life.

How can Nashville improve?

No more condos! I love that Nashville is growing and there are an infinite amount of new opportunities coming into the city, but it’s hard letting go of the Nashville I grew up in.

Thing you are most excited about at work right now?

The garden out in our backyard and patio season. I’ve always been obsessed with growing my own food and I’m ecstatic I get to bring that love to work. We are a small restaurant and our patio almost doubles our seating capacity. So, I’m excited for the opportunity to reach more people with what I love!

What should people be ordering at Butcher and Bee right now?

My favorite thing on the menu right now is our trout dish. Mainly because I grew up fishing for rainbow trout on the Caney Fork. We’d always stuff the trout with lemon and garlic then wrap it in foil and cook it right on the campfire coals. Then we’d eat boiled peanuts while we waited for it to cook. So, I tried to recreate that feeling in the dish.