Beyond the Apron - Katie Coss


Katie Coss - @ktcoss27

Executive Chef - @husknashville


Live: Thompson’s Station  

Work: Husk Nashville  

Katie Coss brings an inventive and undeniably creative presence to her role as Executive Chef at Husk Nashville. She is always looking for new ways to incorporate her love for home-grown ingredients into her craft, and inspires those who work with her to do the same. Her dedication to making dishes that are truly an experience for people is one of the many things that make her (and Husk Nashville) stand apart from the rest.

 What brought you to Nashville? 

After learning so much at Husk Charleston, I was presented with an opportunity to move to Husk Nashville. The chance to continue to work for amazing chefs and be closer to home was more than enough to convince me that this was the right move. 


When your best friend visits, where can you be found?

The most quintessential Nashville food experience to me is Arnold’s, and I think it’s important everyone has that experience when they first get here. 


Favorite Nashville eateries?  

Some of my favorite places to eat are closer to my house in Franklin, TN; but when I get a night in town, my go to’s are Dozen Bakery and City House.


Go to spot for drinks? 

My Front Porch

One change you’d like to see in Music City?

More Dolly Parton. 


What inspired you to become a chef? 

A love for true home-grown ingredients. Growing up on and around farms, that style of cooking is something I took for granted and am happy to get to share with people now. Opening someone’s eyes to what real food is—that’s very rewarding.


Advice you would you give aspiring chefs?

Keep your head down and ask questions at every turn. Never be afraid to ask what someone is working on. If a chef is plating something, pay attention—even if it is not your station. You never know when you might need to help. You want to make sure you are doing it the way the chef wants it. 


Thing you are most excited about at work right now? 

We have had a lot of big changes at Husk, and right now just getting all of these young guys involved in the creative process has been the most rewarding. Having people run up to you with so much excitement and tell you about what they want to work on always makes me smile. Empowering them to think about dishes and think about flavors has led to a level of excitement in this kitchen that has been very positive.


What should people be ordering at Husk Nashville right now?

We always have our staples such as the cheeseburger and the fried chicken, and you can’t go wrong with them. What excites me most though has been trying to incorporate unique ingredients, even if we can only run them for two or three nights. You may come in and we may be running a mushroom toast that is amazing, but may not be on past that night. It is amazing because we bake the bread fresh and we use the best ingredients. Those sorts of dishes are things I hope to keep rotating to give people an exciting and unique experience.