Beyond the Apron - Terra B. Nelson

Each month, we’ll chat with one of Nashville’s chefs about what life is like beyond the apron.      


Terra B. Nelson @terrabnelson

Pastry Chef, Butcher & Bee

Live: West Nashville / Work: East Nashville


Drawing her inspiration from a mixture of international flavor and grandma's cooking, the treats this new mom is concocting, will have your tastebuds begging for more.  You can find her delectable creations at Butcher and Bee in the East Nashville.  Stop by and say hello, and trust us, you don't want to skip desert!

Where do you dine when the apron is off? 

There are so many great restaurants around Nashville, but I have a few favorites that I always like to take people to when they are visiting; City House and Nicky’s for dinner, and I love Dozen Bakery for coffee and breakfast.  And if you are looking for a classic great burger, you have to check out Hugh Baby’s, it’s dangerously good.

Go to spot for drinks?

It’s a little bit of a drive, but I love going out to Arrington Vineyards, buying a bottle of wine and bringing a picnic.  It’s great scenery and they have free live music on the weekends.  I also like the bar at Gray and Dudley, and the patio at Butcher and Bee is a great spot for a cocktail and appetizers.     

What inspired you to become a chef?

I grew up watching my aunts and Mamaw in the kitchen and always loved to cook, but I never really thought of it as a career until college.  My junior year of undergrad I backpacked around Europe and volunteered in Greece for a summer.  I came back from that trip and decided to go to Culinary School!

Advice you would you give aspiring chefs?

Travel and eat as much as possible, the more you get out in the world and explore flavors, the more you will find your own food voice.  I feel like some of the best flavor combinations and techniques I’ve learned have come from food I’ve eaten on trips.  

What brought you to Nashville?

My husband got a job offer and we moved down about three years ago.  I always liked visiting friends in Nashville, so I was pretty excited when we got the chance to move here.

How can Nashville improve?

Fixing 440 would be a great start...

Thing you are most excited about at work right now?

We are getting some really beautiful peaches in.  Nashville is such a great location for sourcing fantastic produce; it makes my job so much easier having delicious fruit coming in daily. 

What should people be ordering at Butcher and Bee right now?

On the sweet side, the Peach Cobbler; fresh peaches, streusel topping or Dark Chocolate Guinness Pie (it has a pretzel crust, drool).  And on the savory side, you have to try our whipped feta with fermented honey.