Stick to Your Resolutions at These Nashville Spots

If you’re like most, around day ten of the new year reality sets in: you just don’t feel like eating healthier, and you actually don’t want to stick to your new budget. We’re right there with you — all we really want is a late night slice of pizza, but this year we’re going to put up a fight and try and stick it out 'til at least spring. And to make it a little less painful, we’ve pulled together some ideas to make sticking to your resolution easier… and dare we say, maybe a little bit fun?

If you're trying to eat healthier or work out more...

After all the cookies, cocktails and meals out this holiday season, we’re all about cutting back for January and adding in more time at the gym.  But we aren’t interested in only eating salads or doing the same gym routine every day. Add some variety to your workout schedule at Yoga With Art at 21c Museum Hotel ($5) , or grab that sweatband and head to Hotbox for a free first kickboxing class.

The same goes for eating — there are tons of spots across town that are serving dishes that are not only amazing, but they’re also healthy. We’re skipping our usual lunchtime sandwich and heading to Lulu for grain bowls (like the carrot-ginger topped Good Thing), toasts (with toppings like avocado, radish and cilantro) and meat-free burgers. For breakfast or lunch on the go, we always love the smoothies or acai bowls at Franklin Juice Co. 

If you're trying to stick to a budget...

A budget can easily get away from you, and we know from personal experience.  Five dollars for a drink here, twenty dollars for dinner there... Our secret weapon to staying on track? Planning!  If you have your calendar stacked with great free and inexpensive events, it’s easier to stick to your budget.  Fill your calendar with inexpensive happenings like the First Saturday Art Crawl, a matinee at the Belcourt instead of your usual Friday night movie, or a shareable pizza with friends at the fun and cozy DeSano space. 

We are also all about an afternoon coffee date instead of a cocktail this winter. Here’s why: coffee is delicious, warm, and most importantly, inexpensive. The next time a friend suggests meeting for drinks, counter with a coffee date at Steadfast Coffee — and if your companion is less budget-conscious, they can always opt for a boozy coffee cocktail. 

If you just can't quit the whole, "Let's grab a drink!" lifestyle, head to Mantra Artisan Ales with a friend for an afternoon date sampling all their local offerings. Pro tip: order a flight and it will feel like you're drinking more than one, but without the hefty bar tab.

If you're looking to broaden your horizons...

Even the most seasoned city explorer still has some ground to cover in 2018.  There are so many things to see and experiences to check out, from digging for vintage records at Fond Object to digging for fresh produce with the Nashville Food Project. Now's the time to finally explore the Nashville Public Library and its stunning marble staircase, and it's also time to sign up for a library card to start checking things off your 2018 reading list. If you've been itching to expand your mind, taking a class in writing, design or even pedal-building with The Skillery is also a great way to get outside your comfort zone this year.