Where are you working Nashville?

Whether you are a creative, self-employed or a traveling salesperson assigned to Nashville, your options of workspaces are ever growing.  With so many of the national brands now calling Music City home, we decided to chat with current Center 615 resident LiveSchool.  The objective; to find out what originally drove them to choose Center 615 and what has led to them staying put when there is such a plethora of options. 

Enter LiveSchool:  An edtech startup that has called Center 615 home since their inception.  Their main goal is to help schools improve student engagement across the US and around the world. LiveSchool started as a simple idea – replace teachers' clipboards for a streamlined app that tracks classroom behavior and keeps parents in the loop. They’ve grown into a business serving over 500 schools in 40 states and 5 countries. In addition to behavior tracking, they've launched new products like a House Points system, where students can compete in teams just like Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw.


Why did you originally choose Center 615?

When we started out, there were just two of us. Our first office was a room in the Bricks building and it was the perfect incubator – within a year we had six people crammed in the that room, and we worked with Center 615 to move over to the new Main building on campus. Since then we've steadily expanded, adding suites as we were ready. It's been the perfect amount of flexibility as we scale the business.

How long have you been on campus?

We were among the first folks to join Center 615 in 2011.

Do you find inspiration from being part of a co-working environment?

It's a great community filled with smart, driven, and friendly people.

What is it about Center 615 that has made staying here an easy decision?

We appreciate that Center 615 is always innovating and expanding. They recently opened a new courtyard space and our team takes breaks to play shuffleboard. They're putting on programming that our team takes advantage of, and we love perks that our team can take advantage of.


How has the Center 615 community helped grow/shape the company?

For one, we've partnered with other Center 615 businesses and they've helped us to grow our reach and impact. Beyond that, Center 615 has grown with us from an early stage business to a maturing startup. At every stage it's been really natural for us to continue growing with Center 615. Christian, Whitney, Brandon, and the entire team have worked hard to provide the kind of space that helps businesses grow.

What's next for LiveSchool?

Growth! We see a lot of challenges out there for schools and parents as they try to stay connected and support students. We want students to be so engaged in school that they can't wait to get out of bed in the morning. Today, a lot of students don't feel that way. We're working hard to launch a next generation of tools that enable every school become that kind of environment for students.