TPAC: Making Theater Cool Again

On any given day in Nashville, you can walk to Broadway and find plenty of activities to do and country-star-honkytonks to see. But what about locals who want to do more? I’m not just talking about something fun and out of the ordinary…but something that also gives us purpose?

The Tennessee Performing Arts Center is finding a way to do just that.

TPAC’s 2018 Gala Late Party, coming up on August 25th, has all the essentials for a perfect night in Nashville. It will be held at Polk Theater and feature entertainment by 90’s cover band ‘My So-Called Band." They will serve appetizers and have an OPEN BAR (score!) so that you won't be short on liquid confidence while you're messing up the words to Summer Girls by LFO. 

If that weren't reason enough, it’s also themed after the TPAC presentation of School of Rock, so you can dress up, raise your Goblet of Rock, and quote Jack Black to your heart’s content. (Pretty sure the dressing up part is not advertised could be cool.) You don't have to attend the formal Gala beforehand in order to go to the Late Party. The ticket costs are just $85 per couple, and the proceeds help provide for TPAC’s arts and education programs.

A little more on that in case you didn’t know: TPAC prides itself on it’s educational and community impact. They provide field trips for kids to TPAC; contribute to individual classrooms by bringing arts programs into schools; and offer professional development opportunities for educators.

As a musician myself, I think about the impact that my chorus/band/theater teachers made on my professional development and passion for music, and I’m immediately motivated to want to do more. Motivated to see more shows there; to support our community; to broaden our horizons. And if a couple shows a year isn’t enough for you, being a season ticket holder is as easy as going online, choosing a package, and downloading an app to keep up with shows and dates.

If you are looking for a way to make an impact in Nashville, this is definitely the most fun way to do it.

And on August 25th, it’s a simple as showing up to a party. In other words: you can live it up while saving the arts and making positive change in our community. I don’t know about you…but I’ll drink to that.


Here is the ticket link for the Late Party: 

Looking for tickets to formal TPAC Gala beforehand? Click here to make your reservation. 

Want to Support TPAC's nonprofit mission, but you cannot attend this event? Click here if you'd like to make a tax-deductible gift.

Finally: to learn more about what TPAC is doing for our community and where your donations are going  -