Patio Vibes

It’s that time again, the weather is warming up and everything outside is calling your name. It’s grilling season, pool days are ahead of us, and you just want to have friends over for a night on your back deck.  But the reality is, your patio has been in hibernation mode for months and isn’t quite ready for visitors. Now, for the important stuff; let’s talk about how you can add some charm and easily upgrade your outdoor area, so everyone will be flocking to hang at your place.  


You’ve got your twinkling cafe lights set up, but you still want to add something with a statement to your space. Let’s talk plants; the ultimate, easily added, cool factor to any outdoor oasis. If you’re the type of person who wants something low maintenance, pop into Flora Plant Shop, on the East side, and snag a cactus for your space. Big or small, these easy-to-care-for succulents add flare and a southwest feel to any outdoor area. Another great large plant option is a bird of paradise. They give off a tropical vibe, make a pretty big statement, and would pair well with a cactus or two. Just make sure they’re getting ample amounts of sunlight. 

Outdoor rugs are another easy addition to minimal furniture, and they can last for years. These rugs come in an endless selection of colors and patterns, so maybe step out of your norm and go for something bold and bright to enhance the summer vibe. I’d suggest checking out Welcome Home, also over on the East side, for some unique rug selections. Did I mention they have rad cocktail accessories, too? You know your friends are coming over thirsty, so turn up your libation game with some copper mule mugs, sphere ice molds, or bold statement coasters. Trust me, they’ll notice your style. 


If rugs or new bar accessories aren’t really your thing, you can easily update your furniture with a fresh coat of paint and some cool pillows. Get creative with your color choices here, opt for a modern look with clean white, and let your plants do all the talking, or go for something bold and bright to make even more of a colorful statement. For some extra mood lighting, lanterns with tea light candles are a simple and budget friendly option. Cheers to warmer weather and fresh patio vibes!