Arts & Culture

While sometimes overshadowed by its larger-than-life music scene, Nashville's art and theater scenes are worth a second look. Here are the places to go when you need a little culture in your life. 

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Tennessee Performing Arts Center serves audiences each year with the best of touring Broadway, a variety of special engagements and productions of Nashville Ballet, Nashville Opera, and Nashville Repertory Theartre.

505 DEADRICK ST. | 615.782.4040 |


War Memorial Auditorium 

Home to Nashville House Concerts and more than 90 years of music history, War Memorial Auditorium is a premier historic concert hall known for world-class acoustics and charming neoclassical aesthetic.

301 6TH AVE N. | 615.782.4030 |


Belcourt Theatre

2102 BELCOURT AVE. | est. 1925 | 615.846.3150 |

The Red Arrow 

919 GALLATIN AVE. | est. 2014 | 615.236.6575 |

Tinney Contemporary

237 5TH AVE. | est. 2012 | 615.255.7816 |